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A high percentage of any property owner's gross revenue is spent on paying ad valorem taxes and a significant amount of their company's time is spent examining these costs. Our goal is to manage and reduce your company's property tax expenditures allowing you to save valuable time and money. We combine the advantage of an extensive market database with our property tax consultants and appraisers who are experienced in minimizing property tax liabilities.

In this highly specialized ad valorem tax field, there is no substitute for experienced and qualified consultants who meet face to face with representatives of the taxing authorities. CTN has been reducing property taxes in Houston, TX and across the nation for over 17 years and our Property Tax Consultants have a combined experience of over 100 years. Given our years of experience protesting real and personal property values at the Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD), we have gained a rapport with them like no other. We employ professional integrity in decision-making and design individual solutions to meet your specific needs.

Property taxes are governed by the respective state's Property Tax Code (a very complex document which defines how the respective appraisal districts arrive at their values). The Tax Code is constantly undergoing changes and modifications that need to be continually monitored. Our staff is on the cutting edge of these changes and we utilize them to achieve the best results possible.

Commercial Tax Network's Value Proposition:

Commercial Tax Network (CTN) relieves the high stress of property taxes so you can focus on your core business and entrust your property tax burden to the experts. We provide a premium service to our clients, which is demonstrated by the retention of our client base, in addition to a considerable referral base. CTN has been successfully providing property tax relief for over seventeen (17) years and has earned the trust and respect of Real Estate Investors, Corporations and Individual Property Owners across the Nation. Currently, CTN represents and maintains approximately three (3) Billion dollars worth of assets. Our knowledgeable consultants use proven, highly effective, in-house software tools and databases which also include GIS capabilities. These tools provide a comprehensive tax/market analysis for assessing property values to obtain maximum tax reductions. CTN's highly skilled and experienced administration staff can facilitate, support and perform a superior service to accommodate all our clients' requirements.

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