Services Available

  • Filing Assessment Appeals/ Protest Assessed Property Value – Gather information on the subject property and file the necessary forms to correctly file an appeal.

  • Informal Property Tax Hearings – CTN meets informally with county appraisers to discuss all the property’s issues and attempt to informally settle values.

  • Formal Hearings with the Appraisal Review Board – If an agreement is not reached in an informal hearing, we prepare for and attend formal meetings with District representatives and three members of the County Appraisal Review Board. After hearing testimony from both sides, the Board, which is a separate and neutral entity, renders a final opinion as to the valuation of the property.

  • Cost Segregation - Cost Segregation is one of the most valuable tax-deferral strategies. It allows taxpayers to write off a greater percentage of their commercial improvements over a shorter period of time. Commercial property owners are able to reallocate real property to personal property, increasing depreciation deductibles and reducing the owner’s property tax burden. Cost Segregation will be valuable to you if you plan on retaining most types of business properties (including office buildings, apartment complexes, hotels, motels, manufacturing facilities, medical facilities, auto dealerships and retail centers) for several years. By using this method, CTN’s experienced property tax specialists can provide more precisely segregated property information, enabling your accountant to achieve the maximum tax benefit allowed by law for you.

  • Homestead Exemptions – For clients who qualify for this exemption we fill out the necessary forms and paperwork and make sure the exemption is granted.

  • Determining Eligibility and Filing for Exemptions – We also determine eligibility and file exemptions for any other type of allowable exemption.

  • Arbitration – Recent changes in the Property Tax Code has added a new alternative to Litigation for properties with a value of less than $1,000,000. If, after the Formal Hearing, the value is still too high, this meeting can be held with one Arbitrator who is completely neutral and separate from the County Appraisal District (CAD).

  • Litigation – If, after the administrative appeal is exhausted, the value is still excessive, a lawsuit can be filed on the property. We assist clients in selecting an attorney and prepare a consulting report as evidence to resolve the case.

  • Filing Property Returns / Renditions – CTN analyzes your company’s asset list to determine the proper classification and age life for each asset. Also, we determine if all assets are taxable and currently in use for production. Subsequently the rendition is filled out for each relevant account.

  • Commercial and Residential Appraisals – CTN’s certified appraisers prepare appraisal reports for a variety of different purposes. We have appraised virtually all types of properties including: commercial, industrial, apartments, vacant land and residential properties.

  • Annual Reports – We provide annual reports that include a summary of preliminary and final values for all our client’s properties, which can assist in planning budgets and capital requirements.

  • Roll-Back Assessment – For clients that currently own agricultural properties or are prospectively looking to purchase agricultural land, we can provide an estimate of the financial impact of use changes and total cost of specific roll-backs.

  • Personal Property Representation – Analyzing asset lists for the status of each asset and determining if any assets are exempt or qualify for any special valuation. We will file rendition forms and, if necessary, file appeals and attend hearings, both formal and informal.

  • Industrial Representation – Industrial properties present special valuation issues which are considered before a final value can be reached. CTN will meet with county appraisers or outside contractors to achieve a fair value that reflects all valuation issues.

  • Residential Property Tax Representation – Our residential specialists provide quality representation for all houses and take into consideration any homestead and/or other special exemptions. We insure that the statutory caps, if any, are accurate.

  • Assistance on Tax Prorations for Commercial Properties –Upon request, we will calculate prorations of taxes for all jurisdictions.

  • Check Double Assessments – Double assessment can affect real and business personal property. Our experts routinely check CAD records for any irregularities.

  • Tax Estimates for Budgets – Upon request, we will prepare tax estimates for use in budgeting for property tax expenses.

  • Change of Ownership with Tax Office – Our expert administrative staff assists in filing any necessary forms to amend or update ownership names, addresses or any incorrect information on an account.

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