Dont Miss The May 31, 2012 Protest Deadline

Commercial Tax Network knocks out the appraisal district in the first round of the recent Heavyweight Bout.  In-case you’ve missed your shot at victory in the ring with the appraisal district, give us a call before it’s too late!  We are approaching the May 31, 2012 deadline to file your real estate and business personal property appeals.

CTN Knocks Out The Appraisal District-

The appraisal district has admitted defeat on several occasions and we are dedicated to our clients like no other.  We strive to be the best in whatever situation until there is no money left sitting on the table.  With over 100 years combined experience knocking down these arbitrary values,  you can relax with the peace of mind knowing you have aggressive and knowledgeable property tax consultants in your corner.

We  look forward to the opportunity of lowering your property tax burden!

Give us a CALL TODAY!! (281) 897-1119 and ask for me: Adam Seiders

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