It has been our experience over the last 21 years of property tax service that when we Litigate/Arbitrate values we are successful achieving substantial tax savings for our clients in the majority of those cases.  This is the final step in the process of demanding there is no money left sitting on the table.  With our staff building appraisal reports utilizing current real estate technologies and many years of experience we have developed a strategy to achieve property tax savings at the highest level.  One of the most common issues clients have brought to my attention is they’re worried about filing suit against the government.  Think of it this way, it’s not the United States Government that collects your property tax dollars, it’s your local assessor’s office who distributes to local jurisdictions.  Another issue I’ve come across is

Fair is to hold the government accountable for arbitrary valuations.

our clients feel filing suit could negatively affect them by upsetting the appraisal district for this action.  There are thousands of lawsuits taking place every year and the appraisal district never holds a grudge.  CTN will analyze every property after the formal hearing to determine if Litigation/Arbitration is a valid recommendation.

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