5 Questions you may want to ask yourself!

If you answer NO to any questions below, you should contact COMMERCIAL TAX NETWORK IMMEDIATELY about our FREE evaluation of your present tax liabilities.

We don't stop at finding the right piece, we make them fit too!

  1. Do you know that some inventory and personal property is exempt?
  2. Do you know that some equipment may be worth less than then the depreciated value?
  3. Do you know if all of your assets are properly classified?
  4. Do you know if CTN identifies and corrects errors in prior reporting?
  5. Do you know that the same information used in IRS reporting may not be taxable for property taxes?

CTN’s property consultants will comply with new regulations and take advantage of applicable exemptions and deletion of non-taxable assets.

Additional Services Available

  • Delete Double Taxation                                              
  • Property Tax Litigation Support
  • Negotiate Unequal Valuation
  • Compile Tax Estimate Reports
  • Appeal Real Estate Values
  • Audit Property Records For Accuracy

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